For those looking for a forex broker, it is easy to become overwhelmed quite quickly. There are numerous forex brokers who tout that they are the best forex brokers around. Trying to find the best forex broker for your needs can become a headache, which is why reviewing the different brokers that is available is important to help you make the process easier.

While searching for the best forex broker for your needs there are several considerations that you will need to make. Since there are so many options it is impossible to come up with a clear broker that is perfect for every trader. You will need to think about what you expect from trading and then compare it with what the broker offers. You will then be able to choose a reliable broker that will best meet your needs.

How to Choose the Best Forex Broker

best forex broker for online tradingThis guide will help you narrow down your choices and then take the final step of talking with several brokers and finally choosing one that is right for you.

Regulatory Compliance

The very first thing that you should look for when choosing the best forex broker is whether or not they are a member of the NFA (National Futures Association). In addition, the broker should be registered with the CFCT (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). The NFA is an organization that develops the programs, services, and rules to protect the integrity of the investors, traders, and the market overall. The goal of the organization is to make sure that all members meet regulatory responsibilities that have been put in place.

Do not be fooled by a website that is flashy and looks professional. Just because the website looks good does not mean that the broker is a member of the NFA or is under regulations from the CFTC. Make sure to look for the NFA member number on the website of the broker. This is often found on the about us page. If the broker is outside of the United States, make sure that it is regulated by the regulatory body of the country it is located in. You should only ever open an account with a broker that is duly regulated.

Initial Deposits

Another thing to consider when choosing the best forex broker for your personal use is how much is required for the initial deposit. Most traders prefer to start off risking low amounts. This leads many new traders looking for low initial deposit requirements when they are searching for a broker. Unless you only have a small amount of money to invest, an initial deposit requirement should be low on the list when you are searching for the best forex brokers.

One of the reasons for this is because many serious brokers who offer great services will often make their initial deposit a bit higher because they want to make sure that their clients are serious about trading. Additionally, the volatility of the forex market requires an account that is adequately funded otherwise it will be easily wiped out.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The whole idea behind trading is to make money. If you cannot easily gain access to your money, trading can become quite a burden. It is important to research the deposit and withdrawal methods and time frames offered by the broker that you are considering. Make sure that you read honest reviews about the withdrawal methods that are available and how long it takes to receive your money after making a withdrawal request.

It is also important to make sure that when you are looking for the best forex broker that consider the deposit and withdrawal methods that you prefer to use and make sure that the broker offers these choices as one of their options.

Trading Platform

Almost all of the activity in online forex trading is done through the trading software. When searching for the best online forex trading brokers it is important to consider the platform that is used. Consider the charting tools and technical indicators that are available, whether or not financial news is available, how the interface looks, and since you will spend a lot of time looking at the charts and graphics, make sure they are pleasing to the eye.

Finding a broker with a trading platform that is easy to use and uncomplicated can greatly reduce the amount of stress involved during trading.

Customer Service

There are bound to be errors with any platform that is chosen. When these errors occur it is important to know that you will be able to be in touch with a customer service representative from your broker at any time of day or night when you need to. Before you open an account with a broker make sure that you read reviews about the customer service offered by the company. In addition, you may want to contact the customer service department on your own, just to gain an understanding of how friendly and helpful the representatives are before you have to deal with them when you are having a true issue with your account.


When it comes to finding the best forex broker it is important to do your research. A broker comparison site is a great place to start as it will provide a list of reputable and safe brokers for you to consider. Most comparison sites will analyze each of the forex brokers based on different categories so that you will be able to narrow your search to just a few that meet your needs.

Once you have found two or three brokers that meet your criteria, visit the sites and set up a demo account. You should always use demo accounts when available as this is the absolute best way to gain an understanding of how the site will work when you make your first deposit. Most of the demo accounts will provide a trading platform that is similar to the real money account, but there may be a few differences such as speed and platform reliability. Even with these differences, demo accounts provide the best way to truly learn about a broker and what the platform offers.