Trusted Forex Brokers

When it comes to trusted forex brokers it can be a bit difficult to truly know which ones are reputable and which ones are not. Many online forex traders may look trustworthy as they have great websites that look professional and the brokers make great promises. There is a wide range of forex brokers that are highly reputable and trustworthy to those that engage in pricing that is questionable as well as order execution practices and in some cases outright fraud.

Refco is a perfect example of forex broker that tried to hide bad debts from its clients and investors. The customer accounts for Refco were not in a segregated bank account and used to pay other creditor claims. Traders all lost their money before some of them could even make their very first trade. (source Wikipedia ; Refco Scandal )

With this being said it is common sense that a trader needs to take their time when they are searching for a trusted forex broker to use. Brokers are a significant business partner when it comes to trading and for that reason it is important to find one that will support all of your trading aspirations.

When it comes to money there is a criminal element that will cause people to go to great lengths to try to deceive another. Taking the time to do your research for trusted forex brokers in advance will pay off in great rewards. Make sure that you take your time to find a forex broker that is worthy of your trust before you ever invest any money with them.

Here are some tips for finding some of the most trusted forex brokers currently available.


When considering a trusted forex broker one of the things that you should consider is where they are located. If the forex broker is located in a large country that has well developed financial regulations, the legal infrastructure of the country can help recover any funds that are lost should any problems come up during your investing process.

It is important to make sure that you look closely at the domicile of the broker that you are considering, even if the address of the company seems reputable. Sending money to forex brokers online that are in countries such as Panama or the Bahamas may not be the best choice.

Attempting to exert your legal rights in foreign countries can be a difficult task. This is especially true if there is no regulatory oversight of the company to help support your efforts. Additionally, when you are searching for trusted forex brokers finding one that is located in a reputable country can help narrow down your search greatly and after all, saving time is important when you are ready to begin your investment career.


Going right along with the location of the company is the regulations that are set on these types of companies. It is important to only work with a company that is registered with a regulatory agency within their domicile.

While finding a forex trading company that is regulated is a good idea, it does not necessarily mean that this is a trusted forex broker. However, by having some type of regulatory agency involved with the company there are some recourse actions that exist for the clients of the broker should the company have to file bankruptcy or if any other issues develop that could put your trading funds at risk. Always make sure that you choose a broker that is regulated for your safety.


The next point that you need to check when you are searching for a trusted forex broker is their overall reputation. When you find a company that you are thinking about doing business with it is important to read as many reviews as possible. Look over all of the complaints that have been made about the company and research them to make sure that they are legitimate. You do not want to invest with a company who has a significant amount of complaints listed by their clients. Make sure you carefully look for issues regarding withdrawal of funds. The last thing that you want to do is invest money with a company and not be able to get your money out when you are ready to. If you see any complaints about withdrawal of funds, you should probably start looking for a different broker to consider.


The final point to consider when you are searching for a trusted forex broker is the financial security of the company. You want to make sure that the broker that you are considering has quality financial backing as this will mean that your money is more secure. Any broker that you choose should be well funded or have a parent company or trusted owner.

To find more information about brokers financial backing look on the official website on tabs such as press releases or about us.

Comparison Websites

There are many comparison websites that you can use in order to find a trusted broker. However, it is important to note that when you are using these sites you should still conduct your own outside research about the company that you are thinking about investing with. Most of the companies that are listed on a reputable comparison website will have the financial backing that you are looking for, but you should still check the website to make sure. You should also do further research about the location of the company, the reviews of the company, as well as what the broker offers as far as trading platforms and types of trades available.


When it comes to finding a trusted forex broker there are many variables and points that should be considered. Make sure that you review the terms and conditions of all brokers that you are considering. Look closely at the trading platform and assets available and make sure that the broker has everything that you are looking for before including the top lines of security before you make any type of real money investment.